• Dissecting the Heart of Leadership

    by Mary Mugo • phd

    True Leadership is a prerequisite for every successful initiative at all levels. The state of underdevelopment in Africa is an outcome of poor leadership. Organizations succeed because the leadership is deliberate in making them succeed. True leaders look for opportunities in a crisis. The book has a wide and diverse scope and provides ready and clear answers to fundamental questions on leadership. It also addresses deep seated concerns on poor leadership.


    by Chacha Nyaigoti Bichang'a

    Many people journey through the school of life wondering, 'What is money really about?' More importantly, some ask themselves, 'How can I overcome my financial problems?' 'Mastering Your Money', therefore, delves into the hitherto tabooed subject of money which is rarely talked about at home, school, church, workplace, social events or even in the street, yet money is the glue that holds together other pillars of life..